How to Backup Ledger Nano X with Ledger Nano S Wallet

Looking to backup your Ledger Nano X wallet so you can access the same crypto from multiple wallets? Well, you’re in luck. In this video, I walk you guys, step-by-step, through how to set up the hardware wallet, Ledger Nano S as a backup to Ledger Nano X so that you can manage the same crypto from the two separate devices. And if you want to know how to either set up your Ledger Nano X, or transfer your crypto from an exchange or other wallet into The Ledger Wallets, make sure you check out my other videos. (Note: This Ledger tutorial is one of the videos featured in Step 3 of my “Investing in Cryptocurrency for Beginners” Series.)

And until I see you again, make sure to eat a cookie.

Watch it on YouTube.

Watch it on Odysee.

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